Butch Gemin

Research, writing, project management

A 20-year veteran of the online learning and educational software space, Butch has been conducting research and writing for Evergreen for more than 13 years. He has also been managing the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance, a collaborative group of chief executives of statewide supplemental online learning programs, for the past nine years. Butch’s ability to synthesize information from clients, educators, and the marketplace makes him adept at anticipating client needs and offering clear direction. With his quick smile and southern-roots drawl, Butch has the natural charisma that makes him a natural communicator and coordinator. He’s in his element when he's in the midst of focus groups, orchestrating meeting logistics, or facilitating a convening.

Before joining Evergreen Butch held executive positions with two innovative educational nonprofit organizations, the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE) and Prometheus, a learning management system developed within The George Washington University. As Director of Marketing and Member Development, Butch developed and implemented the promotional plan for the MITE’s cornerstone project, the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC), helping to define the product, services and operational strategies, while establishing relationships with educational institutions to ensure the successful introduction of the NROC project. At Prometheus, Butch was responsible for positioning the company as one of the premier course management software providers in the higher education marketplace.  He led a marketing and sales effort to build strategic alliances with Prometheus users to expand the role of IT administrators and faculty in the product’s community source software development model.  Prior to his roles at MITE and Prometheus, Butch held key editorial, marketing and sales positions at Harcourt College Publishers (later to become Cengage Publishing).

Butch finds deep satisfaction in being part of innovations in online learning that prove themselves to work, are scalable and improve equitable access for students. He enjoys helping clients and educators navigate through various issues related to understanding, planning, and implementation of technology in the classroom.

Butch also strives to affect change in his personal life through his work with several local nonprofit organizations in his community. “Give back when you can” is a personal motto, and he admires those people well-known and not who use their status and economic power to significantly move important causes forward. If he’s not in the thick of people and statistics, you find Butch far away from them out on the trail deep in nature in the Colorado mountains or wherever natural setting his wanderlust has landed him.