Larry Pape


Larry is a long-time veteran of the computer and education technology industries and is proud to have been an integral part of the earliest developments of education technology, starting five decades ago. In the past nine years Larry has been associated with Evergreen, he’s been chief operating officer, CFO and advisor on Evergreen strategy. Although now officially retired, Larry’s passion for education and Evergreen’s mission has him continuing the role of Evergreen’s advisor and staying involved in select projects.

Larry excels at conceptualizing and creating things and his breadth of experience gives him deep understanding of the use of technology for education. He understands how current edtech issues connect to the larger arc of learning which enables him to help others more clearly understand and evaluate their digital learning strategies.

Prior to Evergreen, Larry founded or co-founded, invested in, and was a director of several companies. He held the role of CEO in four of those companies, including some that grew into organizations that went public. He held senior management roles at Apple, Control Data Corporation PLATO, and engineering at IBM. His was also a managing director of a venture capital and investment banking firm.

He was a member of an advisory group for the MIT Media Lab, and has advised many other organizations, including the University of Southern California, the Open University of Great Britain, Pearson, and was an early executive and board member of Capella University. Larry led the design and implementation of a Colorado statewide online vocational training system for schools. He also founded and managed a company that designed and developed online courseware and learning management systems for postsecondary institutions. Larry has been on several boards of directors, including Colorado Online Learning, a state virtual school in Colorado.

Seeing effective and impactful uses of technology in the classroom motivates Larry’s continued passion for the digital learning space. Besides his professional expertise, as a father and grandfather, he understands firsthand how kids are benefiting—and sometimes not benefiting—from technology.

While Larry has a methodical and no-nonsense style at work, in his personal life he’s deeply creative, inquisitive, and casual. You’ll find him behind a camera lens, or playing or listening to music with his grandkids—yes, including today’s pop music. With his photography, he likes to photograph wildlife and animals, a focus compatible with his wife’s career as a wildlife and animal artist. He’s also a huge film buff, having had a short experience in the movie special effects business, and it’s not uncommon for Larry and his wife Mary Lou to catch upwards of 3 or 4 films a week.