Lauren Vashaw

research and Operations

Lauren’s attention to detail, thoroughness, and everything’s-figureoutable attitude keeps operations flowing smoothly at Evergreen. Over the past seven years that Lauren has been with the company, her areas of responsibility have encompassed administration, project management, and research. She’s the epitome of a team player (both at the office and on the basketball court), willing to pitch in wherever her skills are most needed. This flexibility is one of the reasons Lauren has maintained Employee of the Month status for the past 86 consecutive months.  (The other reason is that she is tasked with selecting Employee of the Month.)

A Grand Rapids native, Lauren received her BA in Psychology from Denison University with a minor in communication. After graduation, she conducted research for Michigan Virtual University and also provided technical support for the NCAA Men’s and Women’s national championship tournaments. Before joining Evergreen, Lauren allowed herself the indelible experience of extensive travel abroad to teach and volunteer in such countries as Tanzania, Nepal, Switzerland, and New Zealand. Her exposure to different cultures and geographies has given her a broad perspective on human nature which imbues her work at Evergreen with empathy and curiosity.

Lauren loves a good inspirational story and finds many in the online and blended learning space. She gets most excited when she sees how Evergreen’s research or consulting has changed a student’s life, how Evergreen’s efforts to grow digital learning has resulted in a student having another chance at a good education, a more engaging way to learn, or the opportunity to chase their dreams.

Lauren is equally enthusiastic about animals (dogs in particular!) and the outdoors. She finds deep inspiration living in the Rocky Mountains in southwestern Colorado where she can ski, hike, bike, and paddle across the landscape. SUP-ing down the river with her dog on her board is one of her favorite ways to spend a summer day. As a shelter volunteer and foster mom to rescue dogs, Lauren’s generous spirit and commitment to her community really shines.

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