Our work falls into three broad categories: commissioned research and insight that's made publicly available, our own research published under the Keeping Pace moniker, and private advisory services. 

We help state and federal governments, school districts, companies, and foundations gain insight into the evolution of the digital learning landscape so they can successfully plan and implement digital learning policy and practice. Although our work touches on the issues of competency-based and personalized learning, we are primarily focused on the ways that innovative schools are supported by technology. Our understanding is deep and our network is far-reaching because Evergreen has been working in this field for seventeen years, and our key people worked in education prior to joining Evergreen. We interact with many types of entities with varying degrees of influence and insight into digital learning policy and practice. Our priority has always been, and continues to be, unbiased reporting of activity within the digital learning space.

Commissioned research and insight

We publish reports, case studies, and white papers that are commissioned by foundations, companies, and non-profit organizations for public distribution that detail the educational technology field, tell data-driven stories about students, schools, and teachers, and present recommendations for the advancement of digital learning in schools. Many of these projects also have a presentation component that may include conference presentations, proprietary events, or webinars.

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Our own research on the digital learning landscape

For more than a decade we have been conducting extensive research into all aspects of online, blended and digital learning, examining levels and types of use, best practices, instructional models, impact, and relevant issues, such as policy, staffing, finance, content, tools, and school facilities. The majority of this work is published under our Keeping Pace line of research. We also write a Keeping Pace blog and have presented Keeping Pace findings at many conferences.

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Private advisory services

We serve in a private advisory role for many organizations, including school districts, government agencies, companies, and foundations. In some cases, the advisory role is tied to publicly available research. For example, when we conduct case studies for a company, our data-gathering often produces information that is useful for strategic planning, product development, and marketing. In other cases the entire engagement is advisory and results only in reporting that is privately held.