We offer a set of services to organizations seeking to improve how well they or others understand K-12 online, blended, and digital learning. See our “work examples” page for sample deliverables in some of these areas.

Although our work touches on the issues of competency-based and personalized learning, we are primarily focused on the ways that innovative schools are supported by technology. Our understanding is deep and our network is far-reaching because Evergreen has been working in this field for seventeen years, and our key people worked in education prior to joining Evergreen. We interact with many types of entities with varying degrees of influence and insight into digital learning policy and practice. Our priority has always been, and continues to be, unbiased information development and reporting of activity within the digital learning space.

Our services include

  • Strategic advising

    We help companies and foundations better understand how their strategies fit into the current and future K-12 digital learning field. Our strategic engagements differ from others’ in two ways. First, we engage with you in a series of iterative discussions that combine our deep discovery of your services, products, goals, and strategies, with our knowledge of the field, and our ability to engage with key players to explore possible new directions. The conversations inform that strategy and allow us to work together, as opposed to us simply submitting a long study at the end of the engagement. Second, we are not going to waste your time telling you to “disrupt the field,” “gain market share,” or “grow existing accounts.” We will work with you to better understand your strengths relative to the opportunities in the digital learning space.

  • Market research

    We conduct market research to help inform company, product, or communications strategies. Our market research typically includes one or more of focus groups, interviews, and surveys. Our main strength is that we know people in key roles in schools, districts, state agencies, and other organizations and can therefore work with them to gain insights about their needs and interests and the directions they believe their organizations, and the field as a whole, are going.

  • Case studies

    We research and publish case studies that demonstrate how a school or district is using a product, service, or instructional strategy to further its educational goals and improve student outcomes. We focus on developing studies that have enough depth to help a practitioner understand the use case, and use the school or district’s data to demonstrate impact when possible. Our case studies are developed based on a combination of site visits, phone interviews, and reviews of existing data and documents. Our researchers understand the field deeply, so the case study subject never has to explain the basics to our writers, and can instead quickly get into key strategies, challenges, and successes.

  • White papers

    We research and publish white papers exploring topics of interest to companies, NGOs, and foundations. Papers may be related to policy, practice, or elements of the digital learning landscape.

  • Advisory boards

    We organize and convene advisory boards for companies and NGOs in situations where the organization seeks an outside expert to ensure that advisors feel well served by their participation. We advise on issues such as board composition, board goals, and meeting agendas, and take part in discussions with advisors.

Our typical engagement

Our typical consulting engagement is built on a deep working relationship that encompasses two or more of the services in the list above and spans several months at a minimum. We do not typically take on the development of a single case study or running a single focus group, for example, because we seek to understand each client’s needs and interests.

Work examples

Some of our engagements do not result in a public document, while others do. See our work examples page for sample white papers and case studies, or contact us if you would like to hear more about our advising, market research, and other engagements.