Stacy Hawthorne


In the past four years she’s been working with Evergreen, Stacy has been primarily focused on online and blended learning projects for public, private, and parochial schools. She is also currently the co-president for ISTE’s Professional Learning Network for Administrators. A hard-working self-starter and dedicated academic, Stacy is unafraid to dig deep in the weeds of data to pull out the stories and strategies that highlight best practices in digital learning.

Stacy has extensive experience as an educational strategist having implemented blended and online learning programs in public, parochial, and independent schools in Virginia, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Nevada, Ohio, and Georgia. She has researched and profiled dozens of highly successful blended programs across the United States. She has been the lead author on multiple blended learning strategic plans and also co-authored and supported the Illinois eLo Consortium, three public school districts who created their own online consortium to provide new opportunities for students across all three districts.

Before beginning her research and consulting career, Stacy was a technology coordinator for a public school district in Ohio. She authored one of six approved Ohio Board of Regents (formerly eTech Ohio) Blended Learning Grants and created a transformative rotational blended model in the district high school. That program continues today with the two lead teachers both receiving national recognition over the past year for their work in the field. Stacy also has several years of teaching experience, and it was that experience that led her to her role today in partnering with schools across the United States to create authentic and engaging learning experiences for students.  

Stacy takes pride in the relationships she’s built over the years, many of whom are friends who first started out as clients. She believes that in education, relationships are are the main catalyst for reaching higher levels of growth and understanding. She’s excited about new technology, conferences where she can connect with friends and educators across the US, and people who put kids first despite obstacles. “Never let adult decisions get in the way of doing what's right for students,” is her professional byword. 

Stacy should finish her coursework this year as she works toward to Doctorate of Education in Educational Technology from Boise State University. When she’s not at a school consulting or in online school for her degree, she enjoys time at home with her family or traveling somewhere new with them and reaching new fitness milestones.