About us: what we believe, why we believe it, and why we write about it

The Keeping Pace blog is researched and written primarily by the Evergreen Education Group (more on us below), with significant input from Keeping Pace sponsors. Blog entries are written by Evergreen unless otherwise noted as provided by a guest blogger. The Evergreen Education Group currently has five employees, who come from a background that includes policy research, running online schools, non-profit management, sales, and marketing (not to mention skiing, biking, fantasy baseball, and a variety of other less remunerative pursuits). You can read more about us here.

We believe that online and blended learning have the potential to transform education, and are already doing so in many states, for many students. We believe that research studies and the experience of many students have demonstrated improved student outcomes. We also believe in developing and widely disseminating the best data and information that we can produce and/or find. That will sometimes include research and stories that show that online and blended learning are not always best for all students. Our goal is to follow the best information available, to where that should lead us.

We are advocates of online learning because we believe it is beneficial for students, but ultimately we are advocates for what we believe is best for students, regardless of what that means for specific schools and teaching practices. We always welcome thoughtful comments, whether in response to a blog item or in an email to us, and look forward to engaging with readers.