Keeping Pace 2011 Trend #8: The provider landscape is changing rapidly

In preparation for the release of Keeping Pace 2011 on November 8, we are sharing nine trends identified during our research and the writing of the report. To see the list of trends as it grows over these two weeks, please visit: Trend #8: The provider landscape is changing rapidly.

Both new start-ups and consolidations are affecting the market landscape. In the past year Kaplan acquired Insight Schools, and then K12 Inc. bought Kaplan’s Virtual Education division. Pearson Education acquired Connections Education. New providers such as Education Elements, a start-up focused on blended learning, continue to enter the field. Providers are increasingly offering services that combine elements of content, technology, instruction, and other services.

Keeping Pace 2010 offered a graphical depiction of the online provider landscape. While not comprehensive, it showed representative providers in three areas: Delivery and Management Systems; Content and Instruction; and Professional Development. (A full description of the graphic is included on page 51 of the report.) This graphic was updated for Keeping Pace 2011 and will be available for download next week.