Massachusetts Virtual School to Remain Open

After months of uncertainty, it appears Massachusetts will continue to have one virtual school option for its students in SY 2013-14. The state passed legislation in January that allows for more virtual schools, although within many restrictions. In March we reported that the only virtual school in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Virtual Academy (MAVA) at Greenfield, would close as a result of that legislation as it did not want to shift and allow for additional state oversight. No additional schools were expected to be approved in time to open for SY 2013-14. The school committee shifted its position, however, and submitted an application to the state in April to continue to operate MAVA. That application has been approved, and the school is now expected to remain open. It has been approved to expand its enrollment to 750 students, and to include high school grades for the first time. The school will be run by an independent board of trustees, not the Greenfield School Committee, and must meet a series of deadlines over the next year in order to maintain its approval status.