A Principal Explains Why We Support Online Course Requirements

In December we posted about states with “true” online learning graduation requirements and states that recommend online learning. We are often asked which states have these requirements, but also why these requirements are a good idea. The argument goes that online learning isn’t appropriate for all students, so why should it be required? Lead-Deadwood High School in South Dakota passed a new online course requirement that went into effect four years ago. This article quoted its Secondary Principal Nick Gottlob in explaining why they passed the requirement:

“What we’ve found is that whether a student continues on to vo-tech or the School of Mines, they will be expected to complete at least some coursework online,” said Lead-Deadwood Secondary Principal Nick Gottlob. “If it’s our job to get them ready for life after high school, online coursework is certainly part of that preparation. And learning it as part of a high school course curriculum where it’s free, rather than paying $1,000 and learning the skills necessary to complete an online course that is asynchronous in a more comfortable and controlled environment is also advantageous.”

The article goes on to explain why this high school is excited to make a broad catalog of online electives available to its 250 students, and the benefits students are seeing.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.