Evergreen Education Group and Christensen Institute seeking examples of success in blended learning

Early next week we, along with the Christensen Institute, are going to be launching a survey that will seek to find examples of blended learning success in traditional public schools. Based on the survey results and subsequent research and interviews with selected schools, we will be publishing a set of case studies demonstrating a range of blended learning successes. Why are we doing this? It’s our belief that proof points showing blended learning success will help practitioners who need to demonstrate to a variety of stakeholders that blended learning can be successful in a setting that the stakeholders are familiar with. We intend therefore to publish case studies that collectively will cover a variety of elements including different geographic areas, school/district sizes, and urban/suburban/rural characteristics.

If you run a blended learning program in a traditional public school and have evidence of success, we hope you will take the time to fill out the survey (it won’t take long). If you are with a content, technology, or other provider, we hope that you will pass along the survey to your colleagues and clients who are demonstrating success with blended learning.

Look for the formal announcement, and the survey to go live, on Monday October 6.