Announcing Keeping Pace 2015 report sponsors

Over the last dozen years Keeping Pace has evolved from a shorter, print-only report issued once per year, to an ongoing project that includes not only the annual print report, but also additional policy briefs (e.g., Digital Age Accountability and Teaching Across State Lines), regular blog posts, and an expanded website that houses publications such as the Proof Points profiles. Still, the report that is released every year at the iNACOL Symposium that tracks student and school numbers, and policy and practice developments from the last year, remains the largest single publication. Our work on the 2015 print report has already begun, and we are pleased to announce that we again have a wide range of sponsoring organizations supporting the work. Keeping Pace 2015 sponsors are:

Apex Learning, which was founded in 1997 and is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, provides a wide variety of online courses to schools.

Avi Chai is a private foundation that, among many projects related to the Jewish people and Judaism, supports Jewish schools transitioning to online and blended learning.

Connections Education is a provider of virtual education solutions for students in grades K–12, and is part of the global learning company Pearson. Connections is a service provider for fully online schools across many states.

With chapters across California and in Nevada, CUE is the membership professional development organization for educators interested in personalized learning, technology, and other key online and blended learning issues.

Edgenuity, which is based in Arizona and is accredited by AdvancED, provides online and blended learning solutions including a wide range of courses and digital content.

Edmentum provides a variety of instructional and assessment materials to more than 8,000 school districts and nearly 14 million students. Edmentum products include PLATO, Study Island, and EdOptions Academy.

Global Personalized Academics provides virtual and classroom learning to help students across the globe transform the way they learn. The new company has been formed in part from the Blended Schools Network, which works with schools across the United States.

Idaho Digital Learning is the state virtual school in Idaho, operating as an independent government agency, and working with districts across the state to provide supplemental online courses and blended learning options for students.

iNACOL is an international nonprofit association transforming education to student-centered learning. The Keeping Pace print report will be released and distributed at the iNACOL symposium in Orlando in November.

K12, Inc. is the largest service provider to online public schools operating in more than half of all states, and also provides online courses and services to school districts

The Michigan Virtual School is the state virtual school in Michigan, operating as a state-supported non-profit organization working with local schools to provide online learning opportunities to middle school and high school students.

The National Association of Independent Schools is a nonprofit membership association that provides services to more than 1,800 schools and associations of schools in the United States and abroad, including more than 1,500 independent private K-12 schools in the U.S.

The Texas Education Agency is the state’s education agency; among its many duties it provides online courses to eligible students through the Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN), which is made up of two components—the supplemental course catalog and the full-time online schools.

Quality Matters is a non-profit organization dedicated to quality assurance in online education, working across both K-12 and post-secondary education with a focus on creating quality standards in online courses, and helping institutions reach those standards.

The Virtual High School is a non-profit membership collaborative that provides online courses and extensive professional development to schools across the U.S. and internationally.

We are pleased that we have such a wide range of organizations as Keeping Pace sponsors in 2015. Historically, a mix of public agencies, companies, and private non-profit organizations, foundations, and associations has supported Keeping Pace—and this year is no different. The report reflects the diversity, knowledge, experience, and expertise of these organizations, and we are grateful for their involvement and support.