Poudre Global Academy continues to show blended learning success

Our 2015 Proof Points project, which we completed in partnership with the Christensen Institute, looked at examples of blended learning success in traditional school districts. Christensen tells us that the series was among their most downloaded publications of the year, and the profiles received considerable media attention as well. The project scope did not include any follow-up with the schools to determine if their success would continue beyond the data that were originally reported, so we were pleased when one of the profiled schools contacted us to report their latest test scores. Heather Hiebsch, principle of the Poudre Global Academy (PGA) of the Poudre School District in Colorado, told us about the schools scores on the new PARCC assessment, given in spring 2015:

PGA students out-performed state averages in 16/18 assessments administered, with a very strong showing in middle school math!  PGA students were among the highest averages re: all PARCC states.  This is a wonderful accomplishment because we now have ongoing data for both individual achievement and individual growth.”

Our profile of Poudre had focused on student growth based on the Colorado state assessment, which is the primary measure that PGA was reporting at the time. As Heather said in her email, the addition of the PARCC scores shows students doing well in both growth and proficiency. Congratulations to the PGA team for their continued success.