Keeping Pace 2011 survey is now open!

As the K-12 online and blended learning fields continue to grow, Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning strives to be the definitive source of data and policy information for you, your program, and policymakers. The report is informed by extensive research, as well as a survey distributed throughout the country. The 2011 survey has just been released, and we ask that one representative from your program please fill it out by Sunday, June 12. As a result of your feedback, the survey has been shortened significantly. It will still take 10-15 minutes to complete; it will be helpful to have your enrollment data ready to enter. Once you begin the survey, you may return to it anytime from the same computer and browser (as long as you don't clear your cookies!), and your answers will be saved.

The survey can be accessed at:

If you cannot respond to the survey, please feel free to forward this link to another representative of your program. Please also feel free to share this link with other program administrators.

Keeping Pace 2011 will be released at the Virtual School Symposium in November 2011, and will be available for free online. Your thoughtful responses will help us to create an accurate picture of K-12 online and blended learning in the U.S. today.

If you have any questions as you work through the survey, please contact John at

Thank you very much for your time!