Keeping Pace 2011 Trend #1: The growth of district programs

In preparation for the release of Keeping Pace 2011 on November 8, we are sharing nine trends identified during our research and the writing of the report. To see the list of trends as it grows over these two weeks, please visit: Trend #1: Single district programs are the fastest growing segment of online and blended learning.

Growth within single district programs—run by one district for that district’s students—is outpacing all other segments. Several years ago, state-level and statewide schools and programs were driving most online learning activity. That is no longer the case; now the bulk of activity is at the district level. A second important area of growth is among consortium programs, as districts choose to combine resources to create cost effective online opportunities.

Keeping Pace 2011 offers more definition and description around both single district and consortium programs.