Keeping Pace 2011 Trend #2: Single district programs tend to be blended

In preparation for the release of Keeping Pace 2011 on November 8, we are sharing nine trends identified during our research and the writing of the report. To see the list of trends as it grows over these two weeks, please visit: Trend #2: Most district programs are blended, instead of fully online.

A corollary to the growth of district online programs is that many of these options blend online and face to-face learning, instead of being entirely online as many state-level schools were. One reason is simple: Districts are often serving their own students, who are local, so there is limited need to bridge large distances. Even when the district is providing an online course with a remote teacher, the local school often provides a computer lab, facilitator, or other on-site resources that may define the course as blended instead of fully online. Many of the schools that have received significant media attention in 2011 fall into this category.